The Hood Luv Collection

New York • Los Angeles • Paris (Authentic Street Wear. EST. 2005)

Our Story

The Hood Luv Collection is an authentic street wear brand, illuminating the spirit of street fashion since 2005.

The Roots

 In 2005, the brand tested it's first products by selling t-shirts in different markets across the east coast such as, Howard's Homecoming in Washington DC, open air markets in New York, and various holiday boutiques in Boston. The test market was so successful, the most popular shirt styles were sold out in 2 months, and the young brand immediately began filling orders to retail stores on the east coast. 

The name Hood Luv™, was coined while on tour in Atlanta in 2004. It was here that the support and brotherhood received opened our eyes to the “unity and love in the community "Hood" that is often overlooked.”

In 2015, Founder Kareem Janey and New York native actor, and fashion influencer "Timothy Storrs" collaborated in spawning Hood Luv Clothing into a global brand name. 

100% Hood Luv Since 2005.


Anthony "ToneLok" Dillard is a lifelong resident of Camden, NJ. After serving a decade in prison for drug and weapon related offenses, Anthony returned to his violent, poverty-stricken and drug-infested hometown with the aspiration of giving back to the 'hood he once had taken so much from. In 2009, ToneLok launched his Hood Luv community service initiative, cleaning the streets and painting murals on dilapidated abandoned buildings. His works garnered national attention from politicians, clergy, activists and other artists.

100% Hood Luv.

It is through hard work, honesty and integrity that Hood Luv has developed into a concrete street wear brand since 2005.